Easy to install and remove, highly resistant against the potential damage of high foot traffic and outdoor settings, and eco-friendly. SEF™ reusable wood flooring system is designed, engineered and manufactured for excellence, making it the perfect surface to enjoy all of life’s outdoor events.

Aluminum Oxide
Wear-Resistant Top Seal

Laser-Printed Wood-Look Design Layer

Patented mBrace™
100% Water-resistant Casing

Patented nuClick™
Interlocking System

Balance Paper Layer

Premium Pressed Poplar Wood Board

25% Faster Installation, Time and Time Again

Our innovative nuClick™ locking mechanism offers 10x the lock-in strength of other brands. And nuClick™ tabs are found on all four sides of each plank, allowing for a much simpler installation, that’s 25% faster.

As the only wood flooring system on the market that allows you to install, remove and reinstall repeatedly without damaging the locking tabs, the planks are always safe and remain intact for smooth reinstallation.

A top industry locking mechanism for wood floors, nuClick™ technology allows ample air circulation between planks to prevent buildup of mold and mildew.

Patented mBrace™ 100% Water-Resistant Casing

SEF™’s mBrace™ technology features a 100% water-resistant casing that protects wood floor planks from water damage, such as warping, swelling and distortion. mBrace™ casing embraces the planks, holding them dimensionally stable to prevent contraction and expansion.

Wood flooring planks remain free from damage and reusable. In the case of rain, after the event, simply mop up the water, let the planks dry, and voilà – they’re ready to reuse for your next event.

The solidGround™ commitment

Aluminum Oxide Wear-Resistant Top Seal

Usable and reusable for all types of events, big or small, our wood planks are UL-rated AC5, a premium quality designed for the highest traffic commercial spaces. Designed for ultimate durability, our planks are extremely resistant against all types of outdoor environmental damage, up to 10x more than other leading brands of wood flooring.

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