How to install SEF™ reusable
wood flooring system

nuClick™ makes installation quick and easy

Install and reinstall SEF™ reusable wood flooring system with unprecedented ease and precision, every time. Our breakthrough nuClick™ plank locking system ensures a perfect fit, a seamless finish, exceptional breathability, and an endless capacity for removal and reinstallation.

Our nuClick™ locking system is designed to firmly lock every wood floor plank from every angle. The tabs are evenly spaced on all four sides for a tight connection, leaving no room for movement. In addition, with nuClick™ there is absolutely no need for glue.



SEF™ reusable wood flooring comes in a variety of colors to choose from. With a color for every occasion, our reusable wood flooring helps set the mood for any event, from modern and elegant, to chic and stylish, rustic or minimalist. There’s a color for every occasion.

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